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Women helping women: The demand grows
Women's Fund of Hawaii featured in Pacific Business News!
Women's Fund of Hawaii awards 7 grants totaling $32,500 to nonprofits empowering women and children!
 Women's Fund of Hawaii awards grants.
Welcome to Women's Fund of Hawai'i

Women are doing well in Hawai'i - there are countless examples of successful women in a variety of professions. But that's only part of the Hawai'i story.

Far too many women in the Hawaiian Islands live in poverty. They cannot even meet the basic needs of food, shelter, medical care and transportation. They have a history of substance abuse, incarceration, violence or sexual abuse. Many are in poor physical and emotional health and have inadequate job opportunities. Others became mothers at too early an age.

These women have children. They, too, are living in poverty, and unless there is help, the cycle of poverty is destined to continue.

Without your help, too many women will fail. That is why the Women's Fund of Hawai'i was established.
We believe that when one woman is not financially secure, safe and empowered, we are all less so.

When women thrive, families and communities prosper.